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What does each picnic set up come with?

Each picnic includes table(s), flat wear, plates, cups/glasses/mule mugs, fresh flowers, candles, rug, pillows, and décor based on theme or as requested. Picnic rates are based off of a 2 hour rental block.

What about food and drinks?

Charcuterie is available as an add-on! We partner with various charcuterie companies in The Woodlands to provide the perfect individual charcuterie boxes, grazing tables, or shareable boards based on group size. We provide sparkling water, but alcohol is BYOB! (Please be mindful of park rules if your picnic is at a Woodlands park.)


How many people can attend my picnic?

We are currently allowing a maximum of 20 attendees.


What is your pricing?

Picnics rates start at $200 for two people and go upwards based on party size. Add-ons start at $10. Estimate will be sent upon submission of "Book Now" request form.

Where can I have my picnic?

Anywhere! Your backyard, parks, living room, hotel…wherever!


What is your cancellation policy?

All picnics must be paid for 72 hours in advance. No refunds or cancellations, excluding weather.


What Covid-19 regulations are in place?

We sanitize our tables, pillows, and other materials between each use. As we set up our no-contact picnics, we wear gloves and masks.

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